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Below you can see what this little box hides inside:

In this tiny box you get:

* 48 Birds cards, 6 x 8 Cards in each bird color/type

* 6 Plumage cards, in each bird color

* 1 Trunk card

* 1 Pass card

* Rulebook

You may ask – why is the box is so tiny? Well, when we were designing it we took into account shipping costs. That way The Birds can spread to the whole globe cheaper!

Help The Birds to spread! Share and tell your friends about The Birds invasion! You are still with us? Great! Now we can show you…

The main thing during playing The Bird Told Me To Do It is adding new pieces to a commonly built branch of a tree. Each twig (part of a branch, aka card added to the play area) is a home for some Birds. But that is not all! When extending a branch you may want to grab a plumage card in the just-added Birds color (needed for scoring), or you may instead add another twig. Or maybe fill your hand with more cards so you will have more options next turn? After you have added some card(s) to the branch, you must do something… What exactly – The Birds will tell you what to do now!

Follow the branch from the trunk to the card you have added last and do everything that Birds on the branch tell you along the way!

Birds will tell you to do many different things (remember – there are 48 cards in the game and each has a different action). Easiest will be to take some plumage card or draw more cards into your hand. Other Birds will require you to cover one part of a branch with a card from your hand – possibly changing your path on the branch! Now you should see (using your imagination) how positively chaotic this game can be.

You may, and will use cards in many different ways (you expected something else from Carl Chudyk? think again…). There are also earlier-mentioned Plumage cards. You want them! Just like Pokestuff – you want it all!

They are needed to score points. But those cards do not give you any points by themselves. You must play smart so on the Branch there will be a plurality of Birds in a color you have Plumage. Only this color will be scored at the end of a round! And the owner of this plumage card will get all Birds from the branch of that color as points. Do not worry; someone may always steal your plumage card from you… And you just spent the last 5 turns to build up a lot of red Birds since you had this red plumage… Lesson learned! The game ends when someone achieves or passes the 30-points mark or when the Birds deck is depleted for a second time (then the player with the most points wins).

(no, you will not get a Skull Card with this game)

Since you have some idea how the gameplay looks – we assure you it is dynamic, each time you play is a different experience and certainly you will not get bored after many playthroughs! Some of you may now think that it is complicated, chaotic, luck driven. You are wrong, just play it and after a few games you will see that there is strategy in it! An experienced player should have no problems defeating a newbie. So you prefer to be this newbie who loses all the time or maybe you want to become an experienced player, a mentor to new gamers who want to delve into Carl Chudyks’ realm? During gameplay Birds’ colors and actions associated with them are very important. But not solely – combo, baby, combo! That is what matters. Your skill and expertise in how to connect certain, available to you right now, cards into powerful combos. And do not think you can play it as a multiplayer-solitaire game! Be on your toes and carefully watch what your opponents are doing (Remember that stolen plumage card right before scoring? Yeah, that was an awesome move at the proper moment.). You must be aware of the table situation as a whole.

The Bird Told Me To Do It can be played with 2-3 players. When you combine 2 sets you can play 4-5 player games! Game mechanics discourage kingmaking – there is almost no possibility that it will be a game 2 vs. 1. The situation on the table changes very often and it is very hard to cooperate with another player against a 3rd player. So better prepare your own, winning strategy according to the cards you have in hand! We, the Czacha Games team, really like the mechanics used in this game. Also gameplay is a pleasure to us (although it requires some brain-burning sometimes). You will definitely love The Bird Told Me To Do It and you should back this project right now. We want to deliver this great game to other countries beyond Poland, and we want to do it together, with you.

You can also take a look at the almost-final rulebook. It also contains a card appendix created by Carl describing how exactly each card (of 48) works. No more need for asking fellow gamers “how this exactly works”!

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